A Podcasting Experiment

This week, I’m excited to announce that I’ve reached an agree­ment with my pub­lish­er, The UKA Press, to pod­cast my nov­el, Déjà Vu. I hope to start next week. Déjà Vu was released earli­er this year and, as a small press book, it has reached the point where my enthu­si­asm for get­ting it pub­li­city has waned. Its Amazon sales rank has plateau’d and there’s no hope of get­ting it into book­shops. In oth­er words, releas­ing a spoken word ver­sion of the web is not going to hurt sales!

En passant, I’ll prob­ably read the first three chapters of my new, unpub­lished nov­el, Proper Job (chart­ing the hil­ari­ous mis­ad­ven­tures of an ice-cream man).

That’s all for this week. I’m down in Cornwall typ­ing this on my par­ents’ din­ing table, so it’s a quick one.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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