4 thoughts on “Finishing’ a novel”

  1. Hey, you have a great blog here! I’m def­in­itely going to book­mark you!
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  2. Just a nit­pick: The bar­rel on a revolver doesn’t spin, the cyl­in­der does. Also, out­side of a movie, nobody actu­ally spins the cyl­in­der of a revolver before action. You can’t fire a revolver with the cyl­in­der open. All you can do is acci­dent­ally spill your bul­lets on the floor.

    Very nice oth­er­wise, though!

  3. I came upon your blog frm hit­ting the ‘Next’ but­ton, and read­ing the little of the first chapter was inter­est­ing.

    keep blog­ging!

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