2 thoughts on “Nil By Mouth — Please”

  1. POD is the busi­ness mod­el of all van­ity presses. It has yet to be demon­strated, any­where, where a com­pany using it does so suc­cess­fully for the author. It’s designed to help the pub­lish­er only. Print-non-demand. Use it and there won’t BE any demand.

    There are oth­er factors sure, but this is the key ele­ment. No one will ever see one of these books save online. The pub­lish­er will not print any to send around. Usually this falls on the author and this is called, buy­ing your own books, anoth­er sign that you have a van­ity press.

  2. Mark, it does not need to be demon­strated to be unsuc­cess­ful in order to refute your claim that POD is a sign of a van­ity press. It is not true that POD is the busi­ness mod­el of all van­ity presses — sev­er­al like to use tra­di­tion­al print-runs.

    Furthermore, it is not true that POD can­not be found in book­stores. At my loc­al Waterstone’s (a nation­al UK book chain; not sure if you have it in the States) there are sev­er­al POD books on the shelf.

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