2 thoughts on “Nil By Mouth – Please”

  1. POD is the business model of all vanity presses. It has yet to be demonstrated, anywhere, where a company using it does so successfully for the author. It’s designed to help the publisher only. Print-non-demand. Use it and there won’t BE any demand.

    There are other factors sure, but this is the key element. No one will ever see one of these books save online. The publisher will not print any to send around. Usually this falls on the author and this is called, buying your own books, another sign that you have a vanity press.

  2. Mark, it does not need to be demonstrated to be unsuccessful in order to refute your claim that POD is a sign of a vanity press. It is not true that POD is the business model of all vanity presses – several like to use traditional print-runs.

    Furthermore, it is not true that POD cannot be found in bookstores. At my local Waterstone’s (a national UK book chain; not sure if you have it in the States) there are several POD books on the shelf.

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