Next novel off to editor

Time to bid a tear­ful adieu to my next nov­el ‘Proper Job’ — where the hil­ar­ity comes with a Flake — as I send it off to my freel­ance edit­or, Rachel. She will provide (for a reas­on­able fee!) a fairly detailed report on the manu­script. Does the story hold up? Is the con­clu­sion sat­is­fy­ing? Does it flag in parts? Are the sub­plots man­aged well? This first report is the equi­val­ent to a build­ing sur­vey for a house: Do the walls fall down when kicked? Who the hell put that car­pet there?

The pro­cess of edit­ing is one that I’ve enjoyed so far, though my exper­i­ence is lim­ited to one book, Déjà Vu. Its import­ance can’t really over­stated. Unlike a short story, which can be pol­ished until it gleams, a nov­el is too unwieldy manip­u­late single-handedly, par­tic­u­larly when the author has more than a full-time job already.

In a moment I will upload an improved draft of the first chapter, which will be hos­ted on my site here.

So I should now rest for a bit and try to remem­ber what I used to do at the even­ings and week­ends. But there is, of course, the sequel to Déjà Vu to write. My research includes a bit of this and a bit of that.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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