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Time to bid a tearful adieu to my next novel ‘Proper Job’ – where the hilarity comes with a Flake – as I send it off to my freelance editor, Rachel. She will provide (for a reasonable fee!) a fairly detailed report on the manuscript. Does the story hold up? Is the conclusion satisfying? Does it flag in parts? Are the subplots managed well? This first report is the equivalent to a building survey for a house: Do the walls fall down when kicked? Who the hell put that carpet there?

The process of editing is one that I’ve enjoyed so far, though my experience is limited to one book, Déjà Vu. Its importance can’t really overstated. Unlike a short story, which can be polished until it gleams, a novel is too unwieldy manipulate single-handedly, particularly when the author has more than a full-time job already.

In a moment I will upload an improved draft of the first chapter, which will be hosted on my site here.

So I should now rest for a bit and try to remember what I used to do at the evenings and weekends. But there is, of course, the sequel to Déjà Vu to write. My research includes a bit of this and a bit of that.

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