Proper Job

A very brief report – because I need to go help our guest Nagarajan chop vegetables – on Proper Job, my latest novel (in which the hilarity never ends!). Well, it does end, because I finished the first draft of the manuscript a few minutes ago. It weighs in at 90, 000 words precisely (about 350 pages), but this is very much the ‘pre-training’ weight; by the time the manuscript is called up to fight in the ring (i.e. sent out into the wonderful world of publishing), its fighting weight should be about 70, 000.

I now have two weeks to make the major changes to the start of the story that need desperately to be done, and then it’s off to my editor, who will go through it with a fine-toothed comb and pick out the dandruff of adverbial modifiers. She’ll also delete a number of my dodgier metaphors, no doubt… 🙂

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