Proper Job

A very brief report — because I need to go help our guest Nagarajan chop veget­ables — on Proper Job, my latest novel (in which the hil­ar­ity never ends!). Well, it does end, because I fin­ished the first draft of the manu­script a few minutes ago. It weighs in at 90, 000 words pre­cisely (about 350 pages), but this is very much the ‘pre-training’ weight; by the time the manu­script is called up to fight in the ring (i.e. sent out into the won­der­ful world of pub­lish­ing), its fight­ing weight should be about 70, 000.

I now have two weeks to make the major changes to the start of the story that need des­per­ately to be done, and then it’s off to my editor, who will go through it with a fine-toothed comb and pick out the dandruff of adverbial mod­i­fi­ers. She’ll also delete a num­ber of my dodgier meta­phors, no doubt… :-)

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