Positive Reinforcement

I was very excited to receive an email from Ian Watson yesterday. For science fiction fans, Ian needs no introduction. Film-goers might recognise the name of the film for which Ian wrote the screenstory: Stanley Kubrick’s Artificial Intelligence: AI. Very kindly – because he is a busy man with lots to do and lots to see – Ian read a copy of my book. It turns out that there will not be a new edition of Déjà Vu on which to put Ian’s wonderful blurb, but I’ve already begun to plaster it over my website. Here’s a snippet:

I was enthralled and contagiously compelled to carry on throughout. The level of computerisation of daily life is plausible and handled with casual panache. It’s gripping, fascinating, and powerful, and really well written, with wonderful pace.

Ian’s name is definitely on my list of to-be-bought-a-pint people at this year’s world science fiction convention, Interaction, where I’ll be on a panel discussing the crossover between science fiction and games.

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