Group hug

A few days ago, we cre­ated an email list for UKA Press authors (if you’re a UKA Press author who has not yet joined the list, email me.) So far the dis­cus­sions have been quite reveal­ing. It’s great to share exper­i­ences and mar­ket­ing tips with people who are in the same boat. Talking of mar­ket­ing, there’s a plan for me to be on Radio Cornwall this Wednesday (you can listen live on the web). I’ll be sure to report the exper­i­ence on both my blog and the email list.

While you’re here, you might be inter­ested in this cau­tion­ary tale about a spat between a review­er and a writer. These things always end in tears.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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