Another positive review of Déjà Vu

Tregolwyn Book Reviews have just uploaded a flattering review of Déjà Vu to their website. Here’s a snippet:

This is a science fiction novel. This is a chase novel. This is a multi-stranded, complicated novel that defies understanding at times, but is still fully involving and provides a very clever and satisfying denouement.

And another:

This novel works. The writer’s style is consistent with his content and the story fair speeds along. It is confusing at times, but that is only because we are not given all the facts at once. This means that when we do find out what has been going on, we can happily exclaim, “Of course!”

Science fiction does not work for everyone and this book, with its sentient computers, nano-technology, brain-wipes and that other thing I won’t mention, will not be to all tastes. It was to mine though and, if you’re that way inclined, I confidently predict it will be to yours too.

Thanks to Tregolwyn Book Reviews and to reviewer Chris Williams.

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