Another positive review of Déjà Vu

Tregolwyn Book Reviews have just uploaded a flat­ter­ing review of Déjà Vu to their web­site. Here’s a snip­pet:

This is a sci­ence fic­tion nov­el. This is a chase nov­el. This is a multi-stran­ded, com­plic­ated nov­el that defies under­stand­ing at times, but is still fully involving and provides a very clev­er and sat­is­fy­ing denoue­ment.

And anoth­er:

This nov­el works. The writer’s style is con­sist­ent with his con­tent and the story fair speeds along. It is con­fus­ing at times, but that is only because we are not giv­en all the facts at once. This means that when we do find out what has been going on, we can hap­pily exclaim, “Of course!”

Science fic­tion does not work for every­one and this book, with its sen­tient com­puters, nano-tech­no­logy, brain-wipes and that oth­er thing I won’t men­tion, will not be to all tastes. It was to mine though and, if you’re that way inclined, I con­fid­ently pre­dict it will be to yours too.

Thanks to Tregolwyn Book Reviews and to review­er Chris Williams.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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