Well, I’m all signed up for Eastercon, the 56th British National Science Fiction Convention. It looks like it should be fun, though, I must say, some of the activ­it­ies — filk­ing among them — might be alto­geth­er too much fun (while these activ­it­ies take place, I may well be in the bar keep­ing my flu­ids up).

Naturally enough, I’ll be tak­ing along cop­ies of Déjà Vu (though not in sil­ver briefcase Britta sug­ges­ted; I have my dig­nity). The Guardian Review (will I ever stop banging on about that?) has helped gen­er­ate some interest in the book, which might lead to more reviews as a res­ult of rampant hob­nob­bing.

On a related top­ic, it looks like there will be a new ‘edi­tion’ of Déjà Vu com­plete with review snip­pets (or ‘blurb’). Don’t worry if you’ve ordered one of the older cop­ies — it just means that yours is a first edi­tion, to treas­ure and hand down from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion until the sun finally burns itself out and con­sumes the Earth in the last dawn of fire. So things aren’t so bad.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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