Well, I’m all signed up for Eastercon, the 56th British National Science Fiction Convention. It looks like it should be fun, though, I must say, some of the activities – filking among them – might be altogether too much fun (while these activities take place, I may well be in the bar keeping my fluids up).

Naturally enough, I’ll be taking along copies of Déjà Vu (though not in silver briefcase Britta suggested; I have my dignity). The Guardian Review (will I ever stop banging on about that?) has helped generate some interest in the book, which might lead to more reviews as a result of rampant hobnobbing.

On a related topic, it looks like there will be a new ‘edition’ of Déjà Vu complete with review snippets (or ‘blurb’). Don’t worry if you’ve ordered one of the older copies – it just means that yours is a first edition, to treasure and hand down from generation to generation until the sun finally burns itself out and consumes the Earth in the last dawn of fire. So things aren’t so bad.

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