3 thoughts on “Déjà Vu reviewed in The Guardian”

  1. I fol­lowed your link to your entry — Under the Limes — for the Radio Ryedale short story com­pet­i­tion. It is bril­liant!

    I found it to be a bril­liant, haunt­ing story. I love the use of meta­phor­ic­al lan­guage, some­thing I’m try­ing to mas­ter myself! (I’m merely fum­bling around for some matches at the moment, won­der­ing if I’ll every see that dazzling flash of inspir­a­tion and the light­ing of the cigar­ette of bril­liant lan­guage!).

  2. Thanks for your kind com­ment, Frankie. Best of luck hunt­ing down those meta­phors!

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