Busy Busy Busy

This week­end has a been a busy one, book-wise. The first draft of my second nov­el con­it­nues apace — I’m try­ing to imple­ment one of the les­sons I learned in writ­ing and edit­ing Deja Vu, which is to make edits where they are required; i.e. do whatever is neces­sary to make the text work without wait­ing for an invit­a­tion from my edit­or.

I’ve also been into some of the shops around Exeter with cop­ies of Deja Vu. The usu­al response is often one of imme­di­ate sym­pathy. But my loc­al Smiths and Waterstones were both very help­ful. They were fairly encour­aging, and provided they can set up a rela­tion­ship with my publisher’s dis­trib­ut­or (and provided they like the book), then Thunderbirds are Very Much Go.


Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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