Can you hear me at the back?

Yesterday even­ing I noticed that Camillia Romaine’s inter­view with me has been pos­ted on the Radio Ryedale web­site. Radio Ryedale short­l­is­ted one of my stor­ies in a com­pet­i­tion last year, and I’ve kept in touch with the head of the sta­tion, David Sumner.

The inter­view was inten­ded to last ten minutes, but I rab­bited on for more than half an hour. Poor Camilla! Still, Camilla is an English Literature gradu­ate and had insight­ful ques­tions about my work’s use of reli­gion, determ­in­ism and ‘gen­er­ally dark forces’. It was fun and quite chal­len­ging; hope­fully the edited inter­view will be of passing interest to poten­tial read­ers and oth­er writers.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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