T-minus seven days

Next Friday sees the start of Novcon, one of the largest sci­ence fic­tion con­ven­tions in the UK. The great and good of sci­fi will mix with the fans, and it looks to have a packed pro­gramme. Though I won’t be able to attend per­son­ally because of a pri­or com­mit­ment, a couple of good friends will be mak­ing the jour­ney to Birmingham car­ry­ing cop­ies of my book, which they will dis­trib­ute to the great and good on my behalf.

This is very much a pre-empt­ive strike. The book will be launched at the end of January and the ‘sharp end’ of the mar­ket­ing will take place then, but when Lucy offered to take some cop­ies to Novacon I couldn’t pass up such a great oppor­tun­ity. This will mean that a small num­ber of people, nation­wide, will know about the book, and if they like it, they might just tell their friends. This kind of word-of-mouth mar­ket­ing — fiendishly tricky to set in motion — will be instru­ment­al in get­ting strangers to read my book.

It has cer­tainly been a rush to get cop­ies ready. In fact, Anthony at the UKA Press has ordered an early print-run just for Novacon. We’re not 100% sure that cop­ies will get to me in time, but it’s look­ing good. I’m already chuffed that some­body, some­where, has held a phys­ic­al copy of my book in their hands.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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  1. The com­pet­i­tion has been won by ‘Brodgar’. To see his entry, go over to Authoretica. Well done, Brodgar!

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