T-minus seven days

Next Friday sees the start of Novcon, one of the largest science fiction conventions in the UK. The great and good of scifi will mix with the fans, and it looks to have a packed programme. Though I won’t be able to attend personally because of a prior commitment, a couple of good friends will be making the journey to Birmingham carrying copies of my book, which they will distribute to the great and good on my behalf.

This is very much a pre-emptive strike. The book will be launched at the end of January and the ‘sharp end’ of the marketing will take place then, but when Lucy offered to take some copies to Novacon I couldn’t pass up such a great opportunity. This will mean that a small number of people, nationwide, will know about the book, and if they like it, they might just tell their friends. This kind of word-of-mouth marketing – fiendishly tricky to set in motion – will be instrumental in getting strangers to read my book.

It has certainly been a rush to get copies ready. In fact, Anthony at the UKA Press has ordered an early print-run just for Novacon. We’re not 100% sure that copies will get to me in time, but it’s looking good. I’m already chuffed that somebody, somewhere, has held a physical copy of my book in their hands.

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  1. The competition has been won by ‘Brodgar’. To see his entry, go over to Authoretica. Well done, Brodgar!

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