Bell rings for final lap

A nice Olympic meta­phor to start us off — or is that fin­ish us off?

Yesterday I received the final manu­script of Deja Vu from Aliya, my edit­or. This is my last chance to make changes, and they’d bet­ter be minor ones or Aliya will fly over from Germany and beat me up. I’d deserve it, too. We’ve both done a great deal of work on the manu­script and if ain’t good now, it nev­er will be. It’s time to pee on the fire, roll up the maltilda, and pub­lish the bleddy thing.

I’ve prin­ted it out for the last time using my new laser print­er. I was get­ting pretty fed up with the cheap-as-chips print­ers that are all the rage these days: wonky and hugely expens­ive in terms of con­sum­ables. My new print­er is quiet, fast and will save me money in the long term because, though I’m a cer­ti­fied tech­no­phile, I can’t seem to read stuff on a com­puter screen.

One more thing before I go: if you’d like to have a copy of Deja Vu before Christmas, you will need to order it through the UKA Press web­site before the end of October. This is because the book will be pub­lished in a pre-ORD run for review cop­ies, etc., in time for the actu­al release early next year. What’s the dif­fer­ence between the offi­cial book and the pre-ORD ver­sion? None at all, though the cov­er of the offi­cial ver­sion may well con­tain snip­pets of favour­able reviews.

What’s that sound? Ah, the bell for the final lap. This Olympian effort — five years of work — is com­ing to an end.

Thanks the Gods for that.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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