Bell rings for final lap

A nice Olympic metaphor to start us off – or is that finish us off?

Yesterday I received the final manuscript of Deja Vu from Aliya, my editor. This is my last chance to make changes, and they’d better be minor ones or Aliya will fly over from Germany and beat me up. I’d deserve it, too. We’ve both done a great deal of work on the manuscript and if ain’t good now, it never will be. It’s time to pee on the fire, roll up the maltilda, and publish the bleddy thing.

I’ve printed it out for the last time using my new laser printer. I was getting pretty fed up with the cheap-as-chips printers that are all the rage these days: wonky and hugely expensive in terms of consumables. My new printer is quiet, fast and will save me money in the long term because, though I’m a certified technophile, I can’t seem to read stuff on a computer screen.

One more thing before I go: if you’d like to have a copy of Deja Vu before Christmas, you will need to order it through the UKA Press website before the end of October. This is because the book will be published in a pre-ORD run for review copies, etc., in time for the actual release early next year. What’s the difference between the official book and the pre-ORD version? None at all, though the cover of the official version may well contain snippets of favourable reviews.

What’s that sound? Ah, the bell for the final lap. This Olympian effort – five years of work – is coming to an end.

Thanks the Gods for that.

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