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Well, I had a great a time on Saturday night. It was the des­ig­nated launch of the UKA Press, my pub­lish­er, and a great many of the writers who haunt UKAuthors were invited. It was an ener­giz­ing — if warm! — even­ing, and rein­forced my opin­ion that the spoken word has a power orders of mag­nitude great­er than its writ­ten coun­ter­part. I’m not sure I pulled off my own read­ing too suc­cess­fully, but LittleRedSteve treated us to a won­der­ful per­form­ance of his story ‘Double Drop’. And the poets were great orators too. All in all, a great even­ing. Take a look at some pic­tures.

Unfortunately, there were no pre-order forms avail­able for Deja Vu, but I’m not sure I would have shif­ted too many cop­ies even if they had been avail­able. The atmo­sphere of the book­stall was def­in­itely one of gentle per­us­ing and hand­ling — without a phys­ic­al copy of my own book, it would have been dif­fi­cult to com­pete with the glor­i­ous cov­ers (well done, PJ) of ‘The Mackerby Scandal’ and ‘A Bowl of Dry Soup’.

The even­ing cer­tainly gave me lots to think about. It reminded me that pro­mo­tion and mar­ket­ing are essen­tial parts of the pub­lish­ing industry; but it also reminded me that, at root, the industry is about writ­ing.

Back to work…

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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  1. Ennervating? Or ener­gising (I hope?)


    Love this site — it’s out­stand­ing;
    beau­ti­fully designed and great to read

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