Here’s an email from my dad that I just had to put on the web:

The Yellow pages have to be delivered to all premises with a phone this includes houses , busi­ness ‚farms etc.on your prin­ted route.

The area I did was from burngul­low north of stick­er to luney ‚pen­strasso, trencreek, pen­gelly, hewaswater,lower stick­er, glen­liegh park, and of course the whole of stick­er some 500 odd books to be delivered.

You can­not leave them on the door step you have to hand them to the occu­pi­er which is a real pain and takes ages I star­ted deliv­er­ies at mid­day on weds and fin­ished off yes­ter­day!!!!

What an exper­i­ence it was and left me think­ing is it really worth the hassle? do people know where they live?, some are not very sure ‚do they they know the num­ber or name of their house? how can there be 56 houses lis­ted in a street of 52? who moved the miss­ing 4 to the oth­er side of the village?why did I have a place in fox­hole on my route? who built houses at the end of long muddy lanes? who was the bright spark who decided to have the Yellow Pages delivered in January? need I go on and on and on!!!

As I said what an exper­i­ence it was and it was not all doom and gloom I had the oppor­tun­ity to vis­it all the houses in our area and gen­er­ally meet some great people, many I“ve not met for years, and have a laugh, gen­er­ally it was at my expense.

Contrary to loc­al rumour I was not bit­ten by a dog once, good boy good boy nice dog­gie, though many of them made a lot of noise prob­ably due to my wolly hat!!!

This is Mike Hocking, for YELLOW PAGES, in a farm lane, stuck in the mud, wet through,blowing a gale, frozen stiff, and still can“t find the bloody farm house.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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